Cedar Springs Trout Hatchery
207 Trout Lane, Mill Hall, PA  17751 Phone: (570) 726-3737

Delivery Details

Some things you should know when you have your order delivered.

Safety - This is by far the most important part of the delivery.  The safety and well being of everyone at the delivery is the responsibility of the customer, not the hatchery or it's driver.

The most important safety rule is that no one is allowed to ride on the truck when it's moving.  the customers may, (at the discretion of the drive), get on the truck to look at the fish or help fill buckets when the truck is parked.

Stocking the Trout - The customer is expected to provide the manpower to stock the trout.  We bring enough buckets on the truck to stock the trout.  Our driver will fill the buckets with water and trout for your helpers to carry.  We can do the stocking for you if it is possible to unload the trout directly into the water form the truck.

Vehicle Limitations - Our trucks are many times heavier than ordinary vehicles.  We will not leave the hard road surface if the driver is in doubt of the conditions, such as soft mud or rough terrain.  We also do not cross streams or ford deep water.  Any costs incurred during a delivery due to poor conditions, (such as towing or vehicle damage), is the responsibility of the customer.  We are very cautious because we just can't afford to have our trucks damaged or unavailable for the next delivery.

Delays - We are not responsible for delays that are beyond our control, such as bad weather, accidents, road construction or detours, etc.  You will find that we make every effort to be on time and most of the time we arrive early.


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