Cedar Springs Trout Hatchery
207 Trout Lane, Mill Hall, PA  17751 Phone: (570) 726-3737

How To
Order Trout

Ordering Trout is Easy!

The best way to
contact us is
by telephone.

(see phone numbers listed below)

Cedar Springs
Trout Hatchery

207 Trout Lane
Mill Hall, PA  17751
Phone:  (570) 726-3737

(Ask for Jim)
Fax: (570) 726-6990

Call us anytime to discuss your order and to set up a time for pickup or delivery. We found that we can take care of the details more efficiently with one phone call than by email or fax.

Prices - Trout are priced according to length.  These prices do not include delivery charges.

Scheduling - All delivery dates and times are reserved on a first come, first served basis.  Remember to call early!

Sizes and Species - All sizes and species in stock are also sold on a first come first served basis.  As long as your order is confirmed with us, you can expect those fish.

Ordering by #'s of fish - If what you need is in stock, you can order any number of any species, in any size you want.

Ordering with a spending limit - You can tell us what sizes and species you want, and how much you have to spend, and we will catch fish until we reach your limit.  You can do this for any fish, but it is very common when buying large trout because the sizes can be quite variable.

Trout by the Pound - Sorry, but we don't sell by the pound.  since we already are hand sorting and measuring your trout, we don't feel there is reason to handle them again to weigh them.

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